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What is PATH?
PATH stands for Parents And Teachers of HTLA-MS, and our aim is to boost campus life at HTLA by raising funds to invest in the school. For example, we just purchased new microscopes for our science classrooms. Remember how much fun it was to look at weird, tiny stuff in science class? Now they can. 
Who Is On The PATH Board, and Is It a Huge Time Commitment?
Our board is made up of parent volunteers, and is very, very low-key. There is a meeting once a month over Zoom, and right now our biggest job is organizing the HTLA Kids Experience fundraiser at the beginning of each new calendar year. Beyond that, we're here to help with fundraising and communications, Teacher Appreciation, and the occasional lunch to support the staff. We need new voices at the table, though. Please consider joining the board!
I'm Still Not Sure If I Have Time...
Totally okay. There are plenty of ways to help, which you can even do from home, around your regular work hours. One of the biggest ways is speaking up: give us your ideas, your advice, your input. Come to the public board meetings and ask questions, or  make suggestions. Got a connection for field trip transportation? Awesome. Do you have an "in" with a local restaurant? Fantastic. Have you seen or done a fundraiser before that you'd like to see us try, even if you can't run it yourself? Please tell us.
Okay, How Can I Reach You?
An easy way is by e-mail: [email protected].
And, we have public meetings every other month on Zoom -- usually around the third Thursday of October, December, February, April, and June. Anyone is welcome, and the principal and some faculty also often come, so it's an excellent time to pitch and idea, and ask THEM questions, too. We'll send the Zoom link out ahead of time.
How Can I Stay Up-to-Date With PATH?
As noted above, we send a weekly e-mail (usually; sometimes, life happens) that acts as a backup to our principal's regular newsletter. You can subscribe and then we'll appear every weekend in your Inbox. It's like a little GIF(t) to yourself. Please do sign up!