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Thanks for your interest in High Tech Los Angeles Middle School (or HTLA-MS, because let's face it, that's way faster). We are incredibly proud of our small public charter, which provides tuition-free education to middle-schoolers in grades 6-8 who are California residents. In addition to the core subjects, HTLA is proud to offer an acclaimed art program, as well as opportunities for physical movement and a rotating selection of electives and extracurriculars.
Our top-tier staff of teachers works closely with every student to provide not only vibrant in-class instruction, but also tutoring before and after every school day on specific assignments or areas of need. We also prioritize an inter-disciplinary education, where a skill learned in Art can apply as easily to English or Science, and the curriculums of the subjects can reference each other.
One of our signatures is the Presentation of Learning, done twice yearly, in which each student delivers a brief oral report to a panel of teachers and parents. It's an opportunity for them not only to demonstrate what they've achieved during the year, but to identify their struggles and successes, become adept at speaking concisely to supervisors, and make those cross-curriculum connections -- all of which we believe makes them stronger learners, and better prepared to face the demands of high school, college, and beyond.
Want to know more? You can read about our Mission and Vision here, see our current Bell Schedule to understand how we structure the day, and browse some Frequently Asked Questions. If you want to jump in and enroll, great! We've got you covered here. We also have an active parent booster group, PATH, and a whole host of other information up there in our menu bar. Please look around, and reach out to us at (818) 583-6229 if you have any further questions.
Come join us today, and see what a warm, inclusive community we've built!